March is National Nutrition Month!

I love that we have a whole month to talk about and celebrate nutrition!! There really is NOTHING more powerful than food for one's health. Food trumps exercise and genes in ways that are only beginning to be understood! (Not discounting exercise here, still very important, but not AS important as nutrition.)

And there is no better way to get educated about food and nutrition than to start with Dr. Michael Greger. He is a vibrant young doctor that scours the world's medical journals every single day to bring the latest, most groundbreaking nutritional science to all of us in easy-to-understand quick videos. (His daily videos are just under 5 minutes! And super entertaining I might add.)

The video I've attached here is a bit longer than that, but it packs in so much information, it seriously is amazing how much he gets through so quickly. I promise it is a lecture worth watching to the very end! So take an evening away from the usual Netflix binging :P and watch this one instead, it's worth it! Thank you so much Dr. Greger for making the science so easy to understand!! You can check out his latest videos here:

Here's to staying Happy + Healthy!