Healthy + Happy Holiday Recap

What a great time we had in our first class!! Holidays make me SO happy, but healthy holidays make me GIDDY! I really was just beaming ear-to-ear that people have an interest in learning ways to make their holidays healthier. It was so fun to show old and new friends, that holiday food can still taste AMAZING, and be nutritious for you! You can even "gorge" yourself on plants and not have that super-stuffed, sick-as-a-dog feeling after Thanksgiving. Fiber = Full with lots less calories. Just eat plants. Simple as that! And instead of gaining holiday weight, you might even lose some :)

Here are some pics from our big Kickoff event:

Some favorite moments were giving participant, Steph, an unexpected forearm workout massaging our kale, watching our amazing volunteers being willing to wash dishes in our makeshift sink, and seeing the looks on everyone's faces when we told them what was in the chocolate mousse they were loving! bahahaha... :)

We had a great time, and can't wait to keep the party going in January!

Health comes down to many small decisions, that build upon each other. Are we going to choose to shop from the large array of colorful and living produce, or are we going to scour the shelves of pre-made processed foods or the case of dead animals? Are we going to choose fresh fruit or a cookie for our afternoon snack? Are we willing to put the time in to research why healthy choices matter (before it becomes obvious and we're plagued by sickness), and are we willing to act on that knowledge?

It may seem overwhelming to you right now to think of changing your eating habits, but I want you to know it's possible! I've been there! There was a point where I openly admitted I knew what was best for me, but I was unwilling to change. It seemed too hard, and it was all too easy to choose complacency. But something happened, people around me started enabling me to make healthier choices, to be willing to just give it a try, and you know what, as soon as I did, I never looked back. We really do need the support of each other, and I am more than happy to help you on any step of your journey! (It definitely doesn't happen overnight.) Ask the hard questions, come in your weak moments when you need a reminder of why it is worth it, because, boy oh boy, is it worth it. (See here, here and here.)

Holidays with our loved ones are hopefully a time of love, connection and honesty. And I hope you feel enabled to share a healthy recipe and share some of your new knowledge, with those who matter most to you! Most people are either dieting or wishing they had healthier habits, so you might find friendlier company than you expect amongst your loved ones, while you journey to better health. And better yet, bring your friends and family, and let's start the journey together! Let's get cooking and explore just how easy, tasty and satisfying, healthy eating can be!! Our Healthy Transitions 4-class Series starts January 9. No better gift than the gift of health to yourself and your loved ones!

Here's to healthy holiday explorations, and time with those we love!!